Transforming Your Home: 5 Steps for a Luxurious Staycation

transforming your home

Look, we’re all about transforming your home to make this virtual vacation thing work. A fabulous weekend away from home, in some marvelous location—it’s a little more than just having high thread count sheets on a bed you don’t have to make. If you want to stay the Head Roam way, you’ll need to do […]

Immersive Travel Research: 4 Easy Ways to Start Planning Your Dream Trip

virtual travel research

Love the idea of immersive travel experiences? (Not sure what we mean by “immersive travel”? Learn here.) If you’re sold, then we’re going to bet that you’ll get pretty geeked about immersive travel research. Trust us. Actually, I DON’T trust you. Immersive travel research does not sound fun. Au contraire, my wanderlust-ing friend. Research, done […]

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