Welcome to the World of Virtual Travel via Head Roam!

Now….what do you do?

Here are 3 easy ways to get started with Head Roam. The idea? To help you pinpoint what’s important to you as a traveler.

(Need a little more on the Head Roam philosophy first? Jump down here. Same page. You can come right back.)

1. Say bye-bye to your old travel mindset.

Of course, first know what you’re saying goodbye to. Make a list with 2 columns. On one side, write the things you love about traveling.

On the other, write the things you’re not so crazy about.

Cross out the stuff that you won’t have to deal with because, well, you’re not going anywhere—except in your head.

Virtual Travel: This list from Head Roam helps you enter the virtual travel mindset with Head Roam

I wasn’t searching for the worst possible stuff. But I realized that, MAN, do I hate dodging dog poop on city streets.

Now, go to the “Stuff I Love” column and circle the stuff you can’t replace.

Virtual Travel: This list from Head Roam helps you enter the virtual travel mindset with Head Roam

And maybe shed a little tear. There is nothing quite like that introductory bounce into a new country, or getting lost in a city in a good way. Or even a bad way. One night, Steve and I could not find our AirBnB in Venice and it went from somewhat disorienting, “oh, it’s here somewhere,” to a little scary and then even a little panicky. Because I get lost all the time, but he never does. Of course, it was still worse for me, because I had seen that movie with the creepy dwarf in the red raincoat once too often.

Yet, I remember that mad, claustrophobic nighttime wander with a thrill. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

So, yeah. Have your little cry. They’re small sacrifices. But they’re still sacrifices.

BUT NOW. Is the Fun Part.

Star the stuff that you can actually keep. And check the stuff that you can, maybe, with some imagination, keep a little. This is how my list looks in its entirety.

Virtual Travel: This list from Head Roam helps you enter the virtual travel mindset with Head Roam

I seriously do not miss the crossed-out stuff In The Least.

And someday, you’ll probably get to do the circled stuff again—if you want to.

You’re ready for Step 2:

2. Say hello to your new travel mindset.

Congratulations! By completing step 1, you now have an idea what matters to you as a traveler.

Head Roam is here to give you tools for your best virtual weekend escape. And the beauty of it is, the sky really is the limit here.

Take a deep breath somewhere where you can safely unmask. Do you feel just a little different about this virtual travel thing?

Yes? You’re ready for Step 3.

(No? Try again.)

(Still No? We’re probably not for you. Thanks for checking us out, and be careful out there.)

virtual travel begins with Head Roam

3. Design Your Ultimate Virtual Escape.

Got one night? Can you cook, or bring in takeout from someplace with a cuisine different from where you live? We’ve got our first Movie Date, destination Ireland, all ready, with an easy and delish main recipe (sheet pan salmon with fresh greens), a fabulous dessert (Jameson’s Chocolate Mousse), and a whole list of great movies to transport you to the Emerald Isle. We’ll be adding a new Movie Dates every week.

Want to make your day longer? Head to our Destinations channel for links to all sorts of cool stuff: AirBnB Online Experiences, Cooking Classes, virtual museum tours, explorations of the natural world. Naturally, Ireland’s up first. As with Movie Dates, we’ll be adding all the time. (And we love to hear from you with ideas. Shoot Nan an email: [email protected] Or leave a comment.)

Got a whole weekend? We’re creating full ones, one place at a time. So far, we’ve got the Ultimate Virtual Travel Weekend: Morocco. (More to come.)

Need inspirations? As with everything else, we’re slowly building book and movie pages to get you dreaming, planning, and ready to move—whether you’re jumping on a plane or in your car for real, or you just want to ride your imagination. They’ll both work, pretty awesomely.

Additionally, check out:

  1. Our Stay page, quick tips on how to transform your bed, bath, and kitchen/eating space in a way that maximizes the feeling of Getting Away from the confines that may be a little overly familiar at this point.
  2. Our soon-to-come Pack page. Taking the whole “pretend travel” thing a little far? Trust us: If you truly want to feel like you’re getting away—and you miss the HELL out of getting dressed up for dinner—then, yes, we highly recommend packing. We’ll have tips on choosing outfits for your weekend with care.

And that’s it.

Now: Settle in with your favorite beverage and start planning. And get traveling.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering: Here’s Why Head Roam Exists

Head Roam exists to rethink travel in a world hit by the double whammy of a pandemic and a climate crisis. How do we get the same benefits of travel as pre-pandemic, yet stay safe and also protect our planet? And how do we help support the folks around the globe who’ve carved out a meaningful life for themselves and their families showing visitors around their cities, towns, villages, parks, and, well, pretty much welcomed people to share a little bit of their lives?

We’re here to help three sets of people:

  1. Travelers frustrated by COVID-19 restrictions
  2. Small tour providers who have seen their business evaporate due to COVID-19 travel restrictions (and if you’re in this category, please contact us! We want to help categories 1 and 3 find you.)
  3. All of you who would love to travel but have other restrictions besides COVID-related ones.

I am particularly attuned to Category 3. Because for many years, that was my category. I have dreamed from the time I was pretty small of visiting as many countries as possible. And for many years, that was all I could do. I have always read voraciously (and still do), watched a lot of subtitled movies, and cooked a lot of foreign cuisines. I developed the art of the Head Roam, long before I came up with this website or my friend Marc came up with that particular name for it.

And in many ways, the world now feels closer than ever. We’re ALL going through this pandemic. We need to work together. We need to understand each other. Travel has always been, at least for me, about that very thing: Connecting with people, traditions, and ideas from places that are literally foreign to me.

And with so many virtual tour providers getting so creative, we owe it to them to let our imaginations roam free, to continue to make those connections, to keep learning, and to keep that glorious sense of wonder when we reach across oceans and continents and time zones and really, truly connect.

Confession: I’ve had my first jab, and am waiting for my second. You know what? I am NOT planning to immediately book a trip for Anywhere But Here. Truthfully, I like being home for longer than a month or two at a time. Over the last several years, I felt like I was always packing or unpacking.

This From Home thing? I dig it.

It’s a big world out there, gang. Let’s start exploring it.