Some kids love sports, some love animals. I was a book kid.

Still am. I’ve read voraciously for as long as I can remember. Libraries and book stores are my true north. No one in my family was surprised when I switched from trying to be an actress to working as a writer.


Since 1994, I’ve been writing professionally: as editorial coordinator and producer for the The Criterion Collection in NYC, Associate Creative Director at Enlighten Digital Agency in Ann Arbor, MI, and since 2011, as a free-lancer and blog creator. Currently, I’m flexing my inventive muscles harder than ever in the Randolph College Creative Writing MFA program.

I’m continually learning, and headroam, this website, is my way to share the wealth. Connect with me any time. Please feel free to comment on anything you find here, point me great work you’ve discovered, and, if you’re a writer with a course related to literature, you may be a great fit for my resources page.*

Thanks for stopping by.

*Headroam is focused on literature, not blogging, side hustles, or quick bucks. There are many great resources for those types of courses; I direct you first to Ultimate Bundles (google that). As noted, I’m interested only in courses focused on becoming a better creative writer and reader. Thank you for understanding.

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