Head Roam Transforms! Here’s Why I’m Thrilled

Head Roam and my Randolph College author list

So here’s the big announcement: Head Roam Transforms and is transforming, and yes, I am truly happy about it. Maybe you, dear subscribers, have noticed something a bit off with email from this site. Nothing for months, then an email with a post from last spring, then another email promising “3 post from head roam,” […]

The Head Roam Current Project: The Atacama Desert Travelogue

Atacama Desert Chile Salt Flats

Welcome to the Head Roam Current Project, which in late March 2022, is our Atacama Desert Travelogue. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll find in this post; feel free to jump down the page: Why We Went to the Atacama Desert Current Project Status Writing Lesson: Dominant Impressions Atacama Desert and Chile Reading List […]

The Atacama Desert: 8 Tips We Love for Finding the Magic

The Atacama Desert: A place so arid, so naturally red, it stands in for Mars for NASA scientists.  A birders’ paradise, where huge flocks of 3 different types of flamingoes ignore you and your camera to concentrate on eating.  A starry night sky that is the real life version of the one Van Gogh painted, […]

How to Share the Intriguing Origin Stories of Your Travel Souvenirs

travel souvenirs from buenos aires

What are your favorite travel souvenirs? Here are some of ours: These coffee cups from Buenos Aires…. This 45 from a Strasbourg flea market…. And maybe most memorably, the grocery store receipts and the mask I wore in Peru for the 24 days we were stuck there, when the country closed the borders due to […]

Adieu, Le Chou Fou: The End of One Era

If you’re searching for my former blog, Le Chou Fou, you may be finding yourself here. Le Chou Fou was my 2nd serious attempt at blogging. (Nanette’s Feast was the first. Testing the whole third time’s the charm thing.) Le Chou Fou began life as a travel/food-focused blog. I worked on and off at it, […]

4 Simple Steps to Create Your Movie Date Night at Home

Whether you’re doing a little creative research for an upcoming trip or simply escaping for a night, this guide exists to help you create a fabulous movie date night at home. And don’t feel like this is limited to couples; it isn’t! Invite friends, involve the kiddos—or luxuriate solely in your own company. It all […]

How to Beat Stress with Our Fearless Road Trip Packing List

road trip packing list featuring holy terror coffee in south dakota

Look: We never even thought we’d need a road trip packing list of any kind whatsoever. But given how travel has changed everywhere, we’ve started to get a lot more interested in road tripping. (For our take on first steps to re-evaluating our travel goals and ambitions with an eye to responsible tourism, see this […]

How Responsible Tourism Can Transform Your Travel Life

responsible tourism worksheet 1 twitter post

Ok, first off, what does “responsible tourism” even mean? For that matter….what does “travel life” even mean at this point? We’ll tell you. Here’s a quick guide to what we’re going to talk about. If you like to jump straight to a particular topic, go crazy. Travel: Then and Now A Little Bit About Our […]

Our Epic 11-State Cross Country Road Trip: September 2021

at eastern market in detroit, a native american child boldly raises her fist in a power salute in a bright turquoise and orange mural painted on a white brick wall cross-country road trip

It’s September, and we’re heading on our epic 11-state Cross Country Road Trip. We’re going to Boise. (Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll learn why.) We’ll be going pretty much straight west to get there, crossing Illionois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and landing in Idaho. From there, we’ll take a hard right and […]

10 Hidden Gems of San Francisco: East Asian Treasures We Love

Chinatown in San Francisco is entered via the Dragon Gate, with its three pagoda-style roofs tiled in blue green.

The 10 hidden gems of San Francisco that we love are, in this post, focused on the city’s remarkable treasures based on its East Asian communities and heritage. (We love San Francisco a ton, which is why we chose it as one of our Favorite Destinations for August 2021; you can read about our other […]

Movie Date Berlin: Fabulous Food, Movies We Love

Movie Date Berlin: Why? Why do Movie Date Berlin right now? Well, in one of those odd coincidences that make life interesting—and to some, downright mystical—this intriguing NYT story on recreating top secret documents about East Germany’s dreaded Stasi, or secret police, was just published. (I’m writing on August 11, 2021.) So…what’s my connection? I’ll […]

August 2021 Destinations: 4 Favorite Places

August 2021 destinations a cappuccino and medialunas in a Buenos Aires coffee shop

Welcome to Head Roam’s August 2021 Destinations! This month, we’re highlighting 3 places we’ve been to and loved, and 1 more we’d love to get to. Here goes: Berlin, Germany Iceland Buenos Aires, Argentina San Francisco Let’s Go! August 2021 Destinations, #1: Berlin, Germany We’ve been to Berlin twice in winter—and hope, someday, to get […]

Quick & Clean Guide: 10 Fun Things to Do in Detroit

at eastern market in detroit, a native american child boldly raises her fist in a power salute in a bright turquoise and orange mural painted on a white brick wall cross-country road trip

Looking for fun things to do in Detroit, aka Motown, aka The Motor City, aka Eminem’s stomping grounds? We got ’em. Big D is, after all, our closest big city. But let’s face facts immediately: Detroit’s got a rep. Not exactly a quick and clean one, either. The crime rate is high, and the statistics […]

Parks in Ann Arbor: 8 Favorite City Spots to Get a Nature Fix

Parks in Ann Arbor: Furstenberg Nature Area

There are TONS of parks in Ann Arbor hiking: big ones, tiny ones, parks for dogs, parks with canoe liveries, with playgrounds, with fitness trails….it’s mind-boggling. So how do you find the one that’s perfect for you? Well, it’s been a tough job, but somehow, we managed to narrow our list down to 8 favorites. […]

Palm Springs Guide: 8 Steps to an Awesome SoCal Day

Palm Springs Guide from HeadRoam

This Palm Springs Guide is for you if you saw the “City Guide: A Great Day in Palm Springs” video featured on the Jumprope app: And here’s a quick overview of what we’re going to look at in a little more depth. Feel free to jump directly to a particular tour stop that piques your […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Want to find the 10 Best Places to visit in Upper Peninsula, Michigan? You’re in the right place. And here are my picks for the 10 Best Places. Feel free to jump directly to a particular tour stop: Getting There: Crossing the Mackinac Bridge, heading East Drummond Island Sault Ste. Marie: The Locks from Up […]

The Head Roam Latest 10-April 2021

No sooner had I hit “publish” on last week’s blog post version of the newsletter (linked in case you want to check it out), but Steve and I received word that his mom has taken a fairly dramatic turn downhill. Steve’s mom, Polly, is lovely. As her memory’s gotten worse—in the last few months, she […]

Essential Ann Arbor: The Awesome 8-Stop Downtown Walking Tour

Here’s the video: And here’s a quick overview of what we’re going to check out in a little more depth. Feel free to link to a particular tour stop that piques your fancy. The Parking Situation: EEK!! Nickels Arcade Comet Coffee: Super exceptional coffee in a city with a lot of exceptional coffee UM Campus: […]

Head Roam Latest: 3 April 2021

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything, as my friend John Deering used to say, a cigarette in one hand, a gin and tonic in the other. One of my nearest and dearest when I lived in NYC, and for years after when I would visit, he has ended up eluding my social media tracking […]

Spiced Lemon Rosemary Cake with Walnuts: A Beautiful Springtime Treat

Spiced Lemon Rosemary Cake with Walnuts: Jump straight to the recipe. I’ve never understood why the phrase is “easy as pie” as opposed to “easy as cake.” Pie, in my mind, equals not so easy. Getting a crust right is a tricky thing, and then you have the filling, involving cutting fruit up—no big deal […]

Classic Greek Salad, the Perfect Way to Welcome Spring

head roam latest 3 April 2021

Classic Greek Salad: Jump to the Recipe. I’m not sure when I learned to make Greek salad, but it’s always a hit. If I’ve gotten into some weird funk where I’m too lazy to make and eat salads—this happens to me sometimes, especially in winter—making this one reminds me that salads are easy, delicious, and […]

Quinoa Crusted Quiche: Easy, Yummy, Healthy Vegetarian Brunch

quinoa crusted quiche

Jump directly to the Quinoa Crusted Quiche recipe. I love quiche. I order it when I go out and it usually delivers my requirements: buttery crust, eggy goodness, cheesy decadence. But when I’m honest, I know that most of those buttery crusts that I’m paying other people to fill came straight out of a package. […]

Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Custom Virtual Escape

Here’s how you know you need this ultimate guide to a custom virtual escape DESPERATELY: You’re so sick of restrictions—whether COVID-related, financial, health, or something else—you could break something. You had to cancel a trip you’ve anticipated forever because, for one reason or another, you can’t travel. Your kids/partner/roomate/pets are driving you crazy (and they’re […]

Delicious, Easy, Healthy Moroccan-ish Tuna Tagine

Tuna Tagine: Jump to the Recipe. Bert Greene, originator of this recipe, is the first to admit that this is a Moroccan-ish Tuna Tagine, as opposed to a Moroccan one: Fish tagines are part of every North African cook’s repertoire, but you will not find the next in any medina from one end of Tunis […]

Movie Date Ireland: 2 Delicious Courses and Many Movies to Celebrate March 17th

movie date Ireland

Movie Date Ireland St Patrick’s Day is a no-brainer to do a Movie Date Ireland—but really, any time is perfect. Fresh salmon, tons of greens is good, a boozy chocolate mousse, gorgeous scenery, real or animated, and those accents and…can we just go already?  We’re gonna start with some food ideas; or, jump straight to […]

Easy Roasted Salmon with Fresh Greens, aka the Emerald Isle Bowl

Easy Roasted Salmon with Fresh Greens, aka the Emerald Isle Bowl Here’s how this one got invented: Steve and I had a chance to do a home swap in Ireland. Dun Laoghaire, which is pronounced “dun-lear-eh”, and which is right on the ocean and about a 15 minute train ride from Dublin. It was perfect. […]

A Fabulous Cuban-Inspired Super Bowl Menu

Cuban-inspired Super Bowl Menu Mojito

Cuban-Inspired Super Bowl Menu: Yum! To be honest, the menu planning is about the only thing I look forward to when it comes to the Super Bowl, that most hallowed US celebration. I used to watch the ads when I worked for a digital agency. Now? I catch the clip reel. With, like, one eye […]

Virtual Tampa: 7 Awesome Ways to “Visit” the 2021 SuperBowl City

virtual tampa

First off, HUGE thanks to the wonderful PosterDog shop on Etsy for that glorious vintage image. Owner Fred has this and many other cool vintage posters. I’m not an Etsy affiliate, so any spending goes directly to him. Super Bowl LV will be here on 7-February, 2021. From my vantage point in the snow-covered north, […]

Galician White Bean Soup with Kale and Optional Chorizo

galician white bean soup

Galician White Bean Soup, with Kale and Optional Chorizo: Jump to recipe. The first thing I ever learned about Galicia is that people go there specifically to eat. It’s a remote part of Spain, the northwest corner; this link from the Galician tourist office provides a nice intro to the region. It was settled by […]

Transforming Your Home: 5 Steps for a Luxurious Staycation

transforming your home

Look, we’re all about transforming your home to make this virtual vacation thing work. A fabulous weekend away from home, in some marvelous location—it’s a little more than just having high thread count sheets on a bed you don’t have to make. If you want to stay the Head Roam way, you’ll need to do […]

Immersive Travel Research: 4 Easy Ways to Start Planning Your Dream Trip

virtual travel research

Love the idea of immersive travel experiences? (Not sure what we mean by “immersive travel”? Learn here.) If you’re sold, then we’re going to bet that you’ll get pretty geeked about immersive travel research. Trust us. Actually, I DON’T trust you. Immersive travel research does not sound fun. Au contraire, my wanderlust-ing friend. Research, done […]

Morocco Top 5: 2 Awesome Books, 2 Great Movies, and Our Favorite CD

Kick off your virtual travel with our Morocco Top 5 Books and Movies, as well as a good gateway CD. I have linked the books to Thriftbooks for purchase; I do not receive a commission. Also check your local library or a service like Scribd.com.* Morocco Top 5 Books and Movies, and a little Music […]

Morocco Movies: 7 Awesome Cinematic Journeys

Morocco Movies: 7 Cinematic Journeys begins with our top movie picks, then is followed by a list of movies made by Moroccans. We round out with a list of non-Moroccan movies that were filmed in the country. Top Picks Morocco Movies by Moroccans Morocco Movies by Non-Moroccans And please: If you have a pick of […]

Morocco Books: 11 Great Ways to Virtually Travel There

morocco books

Morocco Books: 11 Great Ways to Virtually Travel There begins with our top book picks, then is followed by a list of books by Moroccans. We round out with a list of non-Moroccan authors, and end with a couple of books I wasn’t so crazy about but that may just be your cup of tea. […]

Virtual Travel Marrakech: The Ultimate Weekend

Marrakech souk

Virtual Travel Marrakech: Whether you opt for dinner and movie on Saturday or want to extend your head roaming to the entire day, we’ve got you covered. Follow our suggestions as closely as you like—or simply use this post as a jumping off point for your own exploration of this amazing city. Enjoy! I’ve been […]

Vegan Harira: An Easy New Delicious Take on Classic Moroccan Soup

vegan harira

Vegan harira may be inspired by tradition, but it’s definitely not traditional—especially with those noodles added. But man, is it good. I first learned of Harira from my friend Aziz Mtoua, a Casablanca native. It’s the soup you eat to break the fast of Ramadan, and he always makes it with lamb. Which, for me, […]