Quick & Clean Guide: 10 Fun Things to Do in Detroit

at eastern market in detroit, a native american child boldly raises her fist in a power salute in a bright turquoise and orange mural painted on a white brick wall cross-country road trip

Looking for fun things to do in Detroit, aka Motown, aka The Motor City, aka Eminem’s stomping grounds? We got ’em. Big D is, after all, our closest big city. But let’s face facts immediately: Detroit’s got a rep. Not exactly a quick and clean one, either. The crime rate is high, and the statistics […]

Parks in Ann Arbor: 8 Favorite City Spots to Get a Nature Fix

Parks in Ann Arbor: Furstenberg Nature Area

There are TONS of parks in Ann Arbor hiking: big ones, tiny ones, parks for dogs, parks with canoe liveries, with playgrounds, with fitness trails….it’s mind-boggling. So how do you find the one that’s perfect for you? Well, it’s been a tough job, but somehow, we managed to narrow our list down to 8 favorites. […]

Palm Springs Guide: 8 Steps to an Awesome SoCal Day

Palm Springs Guide from HeadRoam

This Palm Springs Guide is for you if you saw the “City Guide: A Great Day in Palm Springs” video featured on the Jumprope app: And here’s a quick overview of what we’re going to look at in a little more depth. Feel free to jump directly to a particular tour stop that piques your […]