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August 2021 Destinations: 4 Favorite Places

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August 2021 destinations a cappuccino and medialunas in a Buenos Aires coffee shop

Welcome to Head Roam’s August 2021 Destinations!

August 2021 Destinations include Berlin represented by a colorful mural, San Francisco represented by a snack and Buenos Aires represented by tango dancers
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This month, we’re highlighting 3 places we’ve been to and loved, and 1 more we’d love to get to. Here goes:

Let’s Go!

August 2021 Destinations, #1: Berlin, Germany

We’ve been to Berlin twice in winter—and hope, someday, to get back in the summer, when the days stretch out for many glorious sunny hours.

Recreating the Brezhnev Honecker smooch in front of what's left of the former Berlin Wall
Steve and I attempt to recreate the Brezhnev-Honecker smooch in front of what’s left of the Berlin Wall.

Should you be lucky enough to get to this wonderful city at any time, we’re hoping you’ll find our 10 Berlin Insider Tips useful. It’s chockful of advice on everything from what to eat, to where to sleep, to what to do when you’re not sleeping.

Berlin insider tips
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If you’d like to experience Berlin without leaving home, keep an eye peeled for our upcoming Movie Date: Berlin, which will feature cinematic suggestions as well as some new recipes.

And of course, Berlin is part of our Global Cuisine picks for August 2021.

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August 2021 Destinations, #2: Iceland

For our “Haven’t Been There OR Done That” destination this month, we’ve chosen Iceland—mainly because we’re leaning on friends who have been there and done that. In all cases, they’d gladly do it again.

This photo, from photographer Tomáš Malík, demonstrates why you need to follow him on Instagram stat.

Another of those friends is Paul Eenhoorn, star of Land Ho!, an excellent movie for your own mini-trip. He’s the handsome one on the right.

Finally, we were unsure if Iceland even has a cuisine to speak of. Man, were we wrong. Check out our August 2021 Global Cuisine Picks.

And if Iceland’s on your radar, just go already to Guide to Iceland and book one of their wonderful and nicely-priced trips. We’ve linked to one that includes accomodations, a car, and full itinerary starting at….$500 US per person. That’s a crazy great deal, folks.

August 2021 Destinations, #3: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Over a 2-year period and in 2 separate stays, we’ve spent 9 weeks total in Buenos Aires. We know it, we love it.

august 2021 destinations a colorful bar in Buenos Aires features wooden tables and rows of local beer bottles on the walls along with vintage posters
A Buenos Aires bar, January 2018, photo by Nan Bauer

We’re in the process of compiling both a list of insider tips and a Movie Date: Buenos Aires post.

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Why BA in August?

Well, remember, it’s in Southern Hemisphere. So their August is like a California February. Porteños—the way BA residents refer to themselves—think it’s freezing, but honestly, it’s pleasant, and not as rainy as an Argentine spring (which is our fall).

Furthermore, it’s time for: The Tango Festival!

Tango dancers, Buenos Aires, January 2018, Nan Bauer

Tourist-tango is corny and over-the-top.

Real tango is still over the top, and yes, sometimes a little corny.

But when it comes to this Olympics of tango, the musicians and dancers are truly top notch.

Of course, there are so many other things to love about BA, including just being there.

Drinking coffee….

August 2021 destinations a cappuccino and medialunas in a Buenos Aires coffee shop
Cappuccino and medialunas at a Buenos Aires cafe. January 2018, Nan Bauer

Eating yummy stuff that isn’t steak…

august 2021 desitinations a plate of polenta and stuff mushrooms is a vegetarian dish available in Buenos Aires
Vegetarian food is easy to get in Buenos Aires—and delicious. January 2019, Peron Peron!, Buenos Aires, photo by Nan Bauer

Lively street scenes….

Colorful buildings in La Boca, a historic Buenos Aires neighborhood. January 2019, photo by Nan Bauer

And the crazy rabbit hole that is Peronism….

august 2021 destinations a shrine to Eva Peron in the Buenos Aires restaurant Peron Peron

We’ll be writing about it full tilt this month, so be sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to know when the post goes live.

Foodies, be sure to check out our August 2021 Global Cuisine post for porteño specialties that aren’t steak, which Head Roamer Nan hears is very fine indeed in the Argentine capital, but which she never, ever eats.

August 2021 Destinations, #4: San Francisco

Born in San Jose, growing up in Los Gatos, CA, San Francisco will always be, for me, The City.

august 2021 destinations a labyrinth at Grace Church in San Francisco
High atop San Francisco, the peaceful labyrinth in the Grace Church courtyard. September 2019, Nan Bauer

With family and friends near and in SF, I’m fortunate to make at least an annual trip.

And despite its issues—first and foremost, its insane expensiveness—I continue to rank it as one of my top 5 places in the world.

august 2021 destinations a pathway landscaped with Japanese plants and featuring a small stone temple in the Japanese Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate park

Our guide deep dives into places that reflect East Asia’s giant cultural footprint within San Francisco, including Chinatown, Japantown, Little Saigon, and more.

For more inside scoop on where to eat in SF, as well as how to eat like you’re in SF, at our latest Global Cuisine post.

August 2021 Destinations: Thanks for Reading!

Do you have experiences, stories, photos, and/or videos from any of the above places? Post them to the Head Roam Facebook group, or let us know on Twitter or Instagram! Or email [email protected].

Any requests for next month? Whether or not we’ve been there, we love your suggestions. And we’d be thrilled if you want to let us run your stories and/or visuals.

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