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Welcome to Head Roam discusses our approach to culture, including absorbing the cuisine of a place like this San Francisco snack
Explore our approach to global cuisine: overviews, recipes, menus for entertaining, and more.

Our approach to global cuisine here at Head Roam?

Open your kitchen and let the world in.

Welcome to Head Roam discusses our approach to culture, including absorbing the cuisine of a place like this San Francisco snack

For us here at Head Roam, that means lots of exploration: of other cuisines, and of all the ways we can learn to cook them.

So try any of these ideas on how to begin your own culinary journey:

  • Our This Month channel features overviews of the global cuisines related to each of our featured Destinations for whatever month we’re in. We talk about food we’ve eaten overseas, what we know about the cuisine from years of research as a food nerd and home and restaurant cook, and point you to the best places we know of online for getting recipes.
Want to invite the world into your kitchen this month? Check out our 4 culinary picks for August 2021 Global Cuisine. Links to recipes and tips for what to try when you travel.
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  • Our Entertaining channel features a beloved Head Roam concept: the Movie Date starring a particular place: Morocco, Ireland, Berlin…we’re adding more all the time. You’ll find our top movie recommendations for either researching a future destination or getting inspired by it, as well as recipe links—some even our own (like this recipe for Tuna Tagine or this recipe for a vegan harira), although we’ve had to put recipe creation on hold due to being really busy getting Head Roam where we want it to be.
movie date Ireland
  • The Our Kitchen channel features our favorite resources for cooks (including yourself) as well as our limited selection of recipes. Why so few? We repeat: There are literally millions of wonderful recipes out there. If you’d really like us to get on the stick and feature more, please let us know in the comments. Otherwise, we encourage you to link through to the many wonderful bloggers we’ve found and have a ball trying new things.
men who cook: father's da gifts

We also have two affiliate partners—meaning, if you sign up after clicking on one fo the links below, we get a small cut, which helps to support the work of this site without inundating you with obnoxious ads.

Here are two different but equally wonderful ways to bring the world to your kitchen:

  • Subscribe for a year subscription—or, even better, get lifetime access—to YesChef, a premium online education platform for cooking. World-renowned chefs—Nancy Silverton, Dario Cecchini, Edward Lee, and Erez Komarovsky—kick off your subscription with hours of cooking lessons, complete with recipes and pointers that will truly level up cooking skills.
Cef Erez Komarovsky appears in this image from YesChef
Chef Erez Komarovsky gets ready to weave flowers into a loaf of challah bread. Photo courtesy of YesChef.
  • Prefer a hands-on, one-on-one class? Or a group class? We LOVE The Chef & The Dish. So does Forbes, which calls the classes “Ingenious Gifts for Travelers.” This screen grab gives you the smallest taste—see what we did?—of what’s on offer.
A screenshot of class offerings from the chef and the dish features mouthwatering ravioli, paella, and more.
Just a few of the wonderful things you can make when you sign up for a class from The Chef and the Dish.

Finally, we love your suggestions, and if you’re a food blogger with expertise in a particular global or regional cuisine, please get in touch! We’d love to work with you. Leave us a comment, or drop me an email.

Bon Appetit.

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