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Our Destinations channel here at Head Roam has three components:

  • This Month’s Destinations: Each month, we’ll be highlighting 4 great destinations: either places we’ve been and have tips for, or places we’d love to go. Whether you’re looking to get away, or just want to put the idea in your head for down the road, This Month’s Destinations will give you ways to vicariously experience places all over this fascinating planet. In other words, to Head Roam.
  • World: We’ve been to a lot of countries. We’d love to go to a lot more. We’re building out pages with destination-specific tips for travelers, whether slow and immersive, like we are, or looking to jam pack their days. Check out our latest post on one of our favorite cities, Prague in the Czech Republic.
  • United States: You’ll find a lot of tips for Michigan destinations on our site because that’s where we currently live. We’re also adding new ones all the time. Still, we have to brag on Detroit, our nearest big city.

We admit it: Our Destinations are pretty thin right now. Head Roam is new, and we’re building. If you’ve signed up for our newsletter, you’ll get an email whenever we have a new post, as well as a weekly exclusive content email that highlights all latest posts as well as other stuff we think is worth a look right now.

And if you have great stories, tips, and photos to share from a destination you know and love well, PLEASE contact us! We’re excited to include as many of your experiences of you want to share.

After all, there are more than 185 countries out there. We can’t do them all.

That’s because…..

We’re slow travelers. Immersive travelers.

What do we mean by that? Read on.

A woman with tattooed arms leans over a map to plan a trip; stock photo for destinations at Head Roam.

What We Mean by Slow Travel and Immersive Travel

We haven’t always been slow travelers.

Frankly, we were kind of the opposite. We tended to race through destinations like we had to hit a finish line.

We’ve evolved.

From frequent travelers trying to see as much as possible in a weekend, into folks who, if we can’t park for at least 5 days in our chosen destinations—preferably longer—we don’t see the point.

The Slow Travel-Curious Quiz

Are you a slow traveler? Or slow travel curious? Answering the next few questions—just pick A or B—can help you if you’re not sure.

  • A. I want a packed day: At least 2 things to do on the agenda, more if I can squeeze them in.
  • B. I want….maybe….one major thing to do in a day: One museum. Or one activity. Or one park. Or I can seriously just sit on a bench and watch people.
  • A. I want to try lots of different restaurants, and I want to be sure I hit the ones everyone’s talking about.
  • B. I’m not averse to one big splurge. But I really love the idea of finding eateries, bars, and cafes that I visit more than once. Especially if they don’t even show up on yelp.
  • A. I prefer more structure, and I’m not super comfortable talking to strangers—especially in a language where I don’t know a single word.
  • B. I prefer less structure—maybe even none at all. Whether or not I’m naturally a little shy, I’m ok with, and actually enjoy, talking to locals—even if I have to resort to sign language.

This is one of those super easy quizzes: All As, and your typical approach is not slow. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lot of aspects of slow travel, and you may even get slower the more you travel.

Which is exactly what happened to us.

We’re completely here for you, with plenty of ideas to pack your schedule, find great places to eat, and figure out how to meet people with the help of a local.

A mix of A and B? We get that, too.

There are destinations where we would opt for a jam-packed schedule, probably prepared by someone else—particularly in a place where we not only don’t speak the language but we can’t even decipher the alphabet.

All Bs? You’re one of us.

So explore with us.

And above all, please contact us: Leave a comment, or send an email to [email protected].

Thank you.

Happy Roaming.

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