zestt organics creates comfy, cotton luxuries for home, travel and baby. Known for their commitment to sustainable materials and social responsibility, their heirloom quality designs bring the comfort of home anywhere your adventure takes you. And that can include in front of your screen, writing about your trip, as well as en route. A travel scarf from zestt is a great way to make coach feel a little more like first class.


Writers, travelers, and cooks: All of us read, often voraciously. What I love about Bookshop.org is that it actively supports independent booksellers as it gives you deals every bit as good as you'd get from a big impersonal corporate supplier. Bookshop is climate neutral certified. They also have wonderful booklists on their home page every month. And when you use my link and buy a recommended book from one of my lists, you help support this site at no extra cost to you. Yay!


Whether you're editing photos and writing in front of a screen or on a long-haul trip, Cushion Lab offers comfort-inducing products such as lumbar support cushions, travel pillows, weighted blankets, and more. Their products are Climate Neutral certified and made with mostly organic or sustainable materials & packaging.


The Pilgrim Soul line of journals, pencils, and scratch notes have been specifically designed to spark creative thinking. CAVEAT: The company requests, "Please use these products when you are high...however you get there." To that end, there is a special cannabis version of the journal; for non-users (including this writer), the All Ages version is wonderful.

Their current special with the link above features a whopping 33% off when you buy two journals.


We're crazy about the assortment of gorgeous options available from Promptly Journals—and our link nabs you 15% off with the code "PARTNER15."

Promptly Journals offer a perfect way to get into the daily journal habit. There's a proven connection between writing by hand and boosted creativity. And, giving that we spend so much time on screens, it's nice to take a break.

I've used Promptly Travel Journals, but there are tons of others, including blank ones if you're a sketcher, and self-healing courses. I recommend signing up for their newsletter, as there are new products and specials all the time. This is an independently owned company that deserves your support!


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