The Head Roam Current Project: The Atacama Desert Travelogue

Atacama Desert Chile Salt Flats

Welcome to the Head Roam Current Project, which in late March 2022, is our Atacama Desert Travelogue. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll find in this post; feel free to jump down the page: Why We Went to the Atacama Desert Current Project Status Writing Lesson: Dominant Impressions Atacama Desert and Chile Reading List […]

The Atacama Desert: 8 Tips We Love for Finding the Magic

The Atacama Desert: A place so arid, so naturally red, it stands in for Mars for NASA scientists.  A birders’ paradise, where huge flocks of 3 different types of flamingoes ignore you and your camera to concentrate on eating.  A starry night sky that is the real life version of the one Van Gogh painted, […]

How to Beat Stress with Our Fearless Road Trip Packing List

road trip packing list featuring holy terror coffee in south dakota

Look: We never even thought we’d need a road trip packing list of any kind whatsoever. But given how travel has changed everywhere, we’ve started to get a lot more interested in road tripping. (For our take on first steps to re-evaluating our travel goals and ambitions with an eye to responsible tourism, see this […]

How Responsible Tourism Can Transform Your Travel Life

responsible tourism worksheet 1 twitter post

Ok, first off, what does “responsible tourism” even mean? For that matter….what does “travel life” even mean at this point? We’ll tell you. Here’s a quick guide to what we’re going to talk about. If you like to jump straight to a particular topic, go crazy. Travel: Then and Now A Little Bit About Our […]

10 Hidden Gems of San Francisco: East Asian Treasures We Love

Chinatown in San Francisco is entered via the Dragon Gate, with its three pagoda-style roofs tiled in blue green.

The 10 hidden gems of San Francisco that we love are, in this post, focused on the city’s remarkable treasures based on its East Asian communities and heritage. (We love San Francisco a ton, which is why we chose it as one of our Favorite Destinations for August 2021; you can read about our other […]

Movie Date Berlin: Fabulous Food, Movies We Love

Movie Date Berlin: Why? Why do Movie Date Berlin right now? Well, in one of those odd coincidences that make life interesting—and to some, downright mystical—this intriguing NYT story on recreating top secret documents about East Germany’s dreaded Stasi, or secret police, was just published. (I’m writing on August 11, 2021.) So…what’s my connection? I’ll […]

August 2021 Destinations: 4 Favorite Places

August 2021 destinations a cappuccino and medialunas in a Buenos Aires coffee shop

Welcome to Head Roam’s August 2021 Destinations! This month, we’re highlighting 3 places we’ve been to and loved, and 1 more we’d love to get to. Here goes: Berlin, Germany Iceland Buenos Aires, Argentina San Francisco Let’s Go! August 2021 Destinations, #1: Berlin, Germany We’ve been to Berlin twice in winter—and hope, someday, to get […]

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