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Welcome to Head Roam: Our Approach to Immersive Travel

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high atop a mountain rising up on the outskirts of lima 4 climbers watch a peaceful sunset
Do you want to go everywhere? So do we, regardless of obstacles. Learn the aspects of travel that are most important to us.

Want to go everywhere?

We do too.

Let time and/or money stop us?

Hell, no.

Here are the things we love about travel. See if you’re on the same page.

Welcome to Head Roam: Our Approach to Culture

We’re nerds. Complete, unapologetic education junkies. So not only do we love museums, we love parks, hiking trails, music, movies, books—all the stuff that opens gates and doors all over the world.

We snagged this one at the Borghese Galleries in Rome. See the woman in the striped dress? That’s pretty much how we felt the first time we saw Bernini’s sublime sculpture of the nymph Daphne turning into a tree when Apollo catches her.

Want some resources to start planning a deep-dive cultural trip? Check out these posts.

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Welcome to Head Roam: Our Approach to Cuisine

We eat, we cook, we love restaurants but we love home kitchens even more. Breaking local bread, literally and figuratively, is a surefire way to get to know what’s important to the people who live in a particular place. Here, an impromptu light feast thrown together in a San Francisco kitchen:

Welcome to Head Roam discusses our approach to culture, including absorbing the cuisine of a place like this San Francisco snack

Want some resources to invite the world into your kitchen? Check out these posts:

  • Every month, just as we highlight Destinations, we’ll take a separate look at the cuisines of each one. We’ll link to This Month’s Global Cuisine shortly, when the post is finished.
  • One of our favorite ways to get away for the weekend: A Movie Date, complete with ideas on what to cook. Check out Movie Date Ireland and Movie Date Morocco for starters.
  • It’s all about having the right tools, and we’ve listed all our favorites here. True, the post focuses on men who cook—it was written for Father’s Day—but it’s a terrific resource any time of year.

And be sure to sign up for our newsletter (see the sidebar) to find out about new posts as we continually add content.

Welcome to Head Roam: Connection, Our Primary Goal

We’re travelers—and we’re also tourists. We know what Paul Bowles said, that they’re two different things and that travelers are definitely better. But truthfully? When you’re getting to know a place—or just seeing it for the first and maybe only time? You’re a tourist. Own it. Meaning, when we go on tours, we connect with the people who lead them. We get their WhatsApp info if they’re ok with it. We stay in touch for a little bit if they’re ok with that. And we end up having a lot of friends around the world.

Here, Steve and our two co-tourists stand atop a mountain on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. George, the guy on the right (next to the dog) got us there—on the subway, then a local “taxi” (an open-doored VW bus from the last century stuffed with passengers), then a Peruvian version of a tuk-tuk. The tour led through neighborhoods that only adventurous tourists with a good guide get to see.

A day on a mountaintop on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, watching the sunset.

We’ll have some specific advice on connecting with your host country soon. But really, it’s just about pushing outside your comfort zone. A little pre-trip research is also pretty awesome. When you can ask your tour guide what they think of a particular aspect of their country that you know about, whether historical, political, cultural, or just good old-fashioned curiosity, you’re on your way to a trip that evolves into a wonderful experience.

One that you’ll never forget.

Let’s Go.

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